Eliminate the Cost of Preparing Your Home for Sale

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Eliminate the Cost of Preparing Your Home for Sale

Are you thinking about selling your home in 2019?

If so, imagine this….

…selling your home, and having your to-do lists taken care of by someone else.

…not having to concern yourself with the up-front expense of repairs.

…having someone else manage contractors and vendors.

And best of all, imagine your home looking its best for potential buyers.

You don’t need to imagine such conveniences.

Compass is a cutting-edge, tech-savvy brokerage house turning the real estate status quo on its head. We anticipate a client’s needs based on keen observations, and create new and exciting initiatives. One recently introduced program will help clients sell their homes easier and faster, and most importantly, without the upfront costs of investing in physical improvements.

Through Compass Concierge, I will work with you to create a tailored plan of services, updates, upgrades, and staging that will increase the value of your property. House preparation services include deep cleaning, repairing, painting, landscaping, decluttering, staging, and more. Compass will cover the upfront costs associated with all the improvements. And, when your home sells, which will probably be very quickly, Compass collects a fee for the services rendered.

The process is very simple:

  • Submit a request to me for the work needed
  • Sign an agreement with Compass
  • Plan the schedule of work
  • Submit vendor payment requests
  • Compass Concierge manages all vendor payments
  • Sell the property
  • An invoice for the work will be issued at (a) time of closing, or (b) the one-year anniversary of your participation in the program

Allow me to share my years of experience with you. My in-depth knowledge of Miami, and its surrounding neighborhoods has always proven invaluable. And now, the Compass Concierge program is sure to provide a layer of unprecedented convenience to the seller experience.

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