Why MJRGroupe

Property selling, buying and leasing must be a first-class experience.
The MJRGroupe focuses on every detail so our clients can simply enjoy the process.

Benefits of the Compass Relationship

The MJR Groupe offers more of everything – more personalization, more dedication, and above all, more access to the most innovative residential real estate firm in the U.S. The MJR Groupe is honored to be a part of a company that is always adapting its business model to fit consumer needs, changes, and objectives. Compass knows every client has different needs, and has created different initiatives to directly impact each and every client.

Compass Concierge

A proprietary program that allows us to invest in physical improvements to a home. Compass will pay the fees in advance and then collect the fees back at Closing. Concierge is a proven tool that increases profit and reduces time on the market.

Proprietary Technology

Over 500 engineers have created unique analytics and marketing technology that helps us zero in on exactly where we need to target our marketing efforts to optimize our reach and attract prospective Buyers to our for sale properties. 


Compass Collections

An interactive online search tool that affords property buyers, sellers, lessors, lessees, and real estate Broker Advisors, the ability to organize, monitor, discuss, and collaborate on personally selected properties in one place. This proprietary tool makes the all processes of property research easy, organized and efficient having everything in one place.

The Compass Network

Compass has over 14,000 elite broker advisors across the top 20 cities in the U.S. Whether it’s a property in Hollywood, Florida or Hollywood, California, our brokers across the U.S. will treat you to the same concierge service we do. Each agent is vetted to ensure a perfect fit for your property search needs.

Experience & Expertise

At the MJRGroupe, our dedication to our craft and our clients, coupled with 40 years of combined experience, has earned us local and national accolades as a top real estate team in the State of Florida.

We know success isn’t a matter of luck. It’s about a commitment to always getting better at what we do. At the MJRGroupe, we are constantly keeping ourselves up-to-date with what’s happening in real estate, the local market, and the community. This translates to having representatives that are the most current in laws and trends that will ultimately make our clients’ experience the best it can be. Ask us anything? We either know the answer or know where to find it.

Areas Of Expertise

Luxury Properties

Often worth millions of dollars, luxury properties are substantial investments. So, it’s understandable that sellers would be discerning when choosing a real estate group to represent them in a sale. Working in this sector is not just about understanding the local market. It’s about the nuances of luxury properties – the location, the historical architecture, the high-end features, the up-market upgrades, the proximity to the open water. When representing clients in this market segment, it’s imperative to be familiar with these components in order to help clients achieve their real estate goals.


Melissa Rubin has been working with couples going through a divorce and in need of selling their marital properties since 2008. As someone who went through a similar experience, she was inspired to share her knowledge of the process. Melissa’s experience as a certified mediator facilitates the communication between all parties and quickens the selling process. Melissa recently published “An Essential Playbook: Winning Real Estate Tips During Divorce,” a book she knows will guide both women and men through the process of selling a property during divorce.

Get Melissa’s newly published book:
“An Essential Playbook: Winning Real Estate Tips During Divorce”

Estate Sales

Selling a home that has been acquired through probate is entirely different than a traditional home sale. Legal requirements and court involvement exist to prevent fraud. Our team is well versed in the detailed rules, timelines, deadlines, and orders of operations that need to be followed.

Distressed Sales

Buying a distressed home is a great opportunity. But distressed sales can be complicated transactions. Lenders tend to be hesitant to offer loans for properties they consider uninhabitable or appraise below the purchase price. Our team has been working with banks since 2008 to get our clients funding for short sales and foreclosures. Because of our expertise and collaboration with experienced real estate attorneys, we proudly boast a 99% closure rate.