Three Miami Pizzerias Named Among America’s 50 Best

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If you’re a fan of pizza, you don’t have to travel far for a slice of heaven! Three local pizzerias have been named among America’s best.


If you are in the mood for some truly authentic Neapolitan pizza, then you need to head to O’Munaciello, a Florence import serving brick-oven pies and classic Neapolitan dishes in a rustic setting. O’Munaciello uses local produce and fine imported goods to create dishes found nowhere else in South Florida. Its pizzas are even baked in a handmade brick oven imported from Italy.

La Leggenda Pizzeria

Another spot that should be on your radar is La Leggenda Pizzeria. Giovanni, the owner, comes from a long line of pizza makers from San Felice a Cancello, a small town in the province of Caserta, Italy. His pizzeria offers amazing pizza, and a wide choice of traditional Neapolitan cuisine.

Stanzione 87

Known for their meticulous process and top-of-the-line ingredients. Stanzione 87 ferments their dough for a minimum of 72 hours and makes fresh mozzarella each morning. Every pizza at Stanzione 87 is cooked to perfection in a handmade wood-burning oven for about 90 seconds.

You are sure to be dazzled by these unforgettable pies. And if you happen to be traveling this summer and looking for the absolute best pizza, you will be glad to have the entire list of the 50 spots that are considered the best of the best in the United States.

Pizza is one of those food items that most can agree on. It’s delicious, satisfying, and offers endless ways to enjoy it.

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