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In May 2015, a gas station owner found Remy tied up at his station and called Maria Gaspari at Bullies-N-Beyond Rescue. She took him in, sharing his adorable picture with a friend, who sent it to me.

Remy was absolutely captivating, so it’s no surprise many people wanted to adopt him. Multiple potential dog moms applied to give Remy, originally named Olef, a forever home. Maria, a woman with a heart of gold, chose me as Remy’s mom. And the rest, as they say, is history. The bond I have with Remy was clear from the beginning.

Remy has taught me so many valuable lessons since coming into my life in May 2015. These are some of the most impactful.

Family matters, whether biological or chosen. Remy shares his birthday with my father – September 26th, reminding me of the importance of our nucleus.

Embrace simplicity and find joy in the little things. Remy gets abundant pleasure from playing with a $5 Kong ball, showing true happiness doesn’t always come from expensive or fancy things.

Be adventurous and open to exploring new experiences. The first time I took Remy to my friend Eva’s house, he jumped in her pool without notice. His spontaneous decision reminds me to embrace unexpected opportunities.

Material possessions are insignificant. Remy was wearing a Tiffany dog collar the day he decided to take a dip in Eva’s pool. Material things are just “things” that can be easily replaced.

Prioritize health. While giving Remy a massage, I discovered a lump. I took him to the vet that day, and within an hour learned the lump was a cyst we didn’t need to worry about. That situation highlighted the importance of promptly attending to our well-being.


Make healthy food choices. I love to cook and often cook for Remy. I make him a stew consisting of ground chicken, beef, sweet potatoes, beans, and rosemary. No salt! We, humans, eat too much salt!

Push yourself to achieve your goals. During the pandemic, I would walk up the 50 flights of stairs to my condo. Remy was faster than me. His speedy stair-climbing motivated me to push myself to keep up with him. My cardio shape was never better.

Prioritize quality sleep. Remy sleeps a lot. And his light, soothing snoring serves as a reminder to make sleep a priority.

Be genuine. Remy is very clear about the people and dogs he likes around him. We don’t have to like everyone. We just need to be polite.

Embrace unconditional love and accept others without expectations. Remy’s companionship reminds me to cherish each person in my life without conditions.

Choose happiness each day. Remy’s cheerful demeanor reminds me that having a positive mindset is a choice.

Treat yourself and indulge in self-care. Remy’s love for belly rubs reminds me to reward myself with the things that bring me joy, like massages, belly dancing, and a great bottle of wine.

Don’t postpone what matters. Remy wants what he wants when he wants it. His desire for immediate gratification is a reminder not to put off what is important. Life can change in a second.

Take breaks and enjoy moments of playfulness. Remy loves playing ball down the long hallways in my office. His playfulness encourages me to find moments of leisure.

Stay hydrated and prioritize self-care. Remy’s constant need for water serves as a reminder to drink lots of water, especially during the summer months.

Practice portion control and eat intuitively. Remy was a street dog and may not have eaten regularly as a puppy. That may have something to do with the fact that he skips meals and is not part of the clean plate club. Watching him eat has taught me the importance of listening to my body’s hunger cues and eating in moderation.

Size does not matter, especially when it comes to happiness. At just 13 pounds, Remy is the epitome of joy. He is living his best life with belly rubs, car rides, road trips, long walks in the park, and great treats – some even homemade. He has a girlfriend named Lolita and a bestie named Luca.



My life is filled with joy and countless things to cherish.
I have invaluable treasures – good health, love, happiness, and a close-knit family. And I have the absolute pleasure of having
my delicious rescue dog, Remy Martin Rubin,
in my life.

All the best,
Melissa & Remy

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