Real Estate and Romance Have a Lot in Common

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Several years ago when I became single again, I began to feel like one of my listings: On the market and in need of some updating! Sure, I could get away with a little “virtual staging” in the world of online dating, but I knew that would not suffice. I was ready for a new wardrobe, new haircut and color, tougher workouts, a bit of Botox, and a relationship coach.

Perhaps because of my 20+ year career as a Real Estate Broker Advisor, I can see that romance and real estate have a lot in common. Consider the preparations for, and work that goes into, making either kind of match:

Starting with Online Searches:

Whether for dating or real estate, almost 90% of searches start online. In fact, throughout the pandemic, online searches for properties have stayed high. For this reason, we must have beautiful and realistic pictures that are web-optimized. As I search through pictures of potential dates, I always wonder why there are pictures of emojis or dogs and not a more flattering photo. When we shoot our properties, we use the best photographers, videographers, and 3D techs. We all have one chance to make a first impression and my team ensures it’s absolutely the best.

Making the Expensive, Long-Term Commitment to Success:

Romance and real estate are often very expensive and require a long-term commitment to get to the right place. My team has a saying, “Think outside the building.” This keeps us committed to representing our clients’ needs in every way possible and for the long-term.

Seeing Beyond the Numbers:

You may look at every theoretical touchpoint possible, review all of the online algorithms, and think, “This is the PERFECT match!” Then, you meet in-person and…nothing! Romantic and real estate matchmaking is about facts and data, but it’s also about chemistry and emotion. We always listen to our clients to make sure that the numbers and the emotional chemistry line up.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward:

When I began dating again, I worked with my coach and a stylist to make improvements that enabled me to put my best foot forward. Selling a property requires the same steps. It could require just a little accessorizing, or it may need a total renovation. While an appealing image is critically important, the real thing should not disappoint. We’ve all been on that date before! This is where Compass Concierge can work for you. We can create a tailored plan of services, updates, upgrades, and staging that will increase the value of your property. Compass will fund the services upfront, and when the property sells, Compass is reimbursed.

Dealing with Love-At-First-Sight and Disappointment:

In romance and real estate, sometimes it takes just one meeting to know this is the ONE. Other times, you realize what seemed like a match just won’t work out. You can’t be too hard on yourself if this happens. Nothing lasts forever. People, and their real estate needs, change over time.

Doing Your Due Diligence:

Sometimes the most seductive prospects are exceptional at disguising and concealing their worst flaws! It’s true for homes and true for potential partners! Just like it may be necessary to develop a pre-nuptial agreement before marriage, a thorough home inspection is always a good idea. It will uncover any major mechanical or structural flaws.

Being Open to Being Set-Up:

If a trusted friend offers to set you up on a date, would you consider it? It’s the same with real estate. What if I could save you time by listening to all of your needs, and then sending you the specs on three perfect homes, all pre-screened to perfection? Agents, like friends, can be the ultimate matchmaker.

I could go on but I think you get my point. Romance and real estate have so much in common.

I look forward to being your matchmaker.

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