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Why Moving Is So Attractive Right Now

For years, New York residents have been drawn to South Florida because it offers an escape from the cold weather and high taxes. Now, there’s a new priority to add: De-densifying. The key is to find that balance of safer living in a place that’s exciting and welcoming.

That balance can be found here in Miami: there’s attainable luxury, 300 days of sunshine, and vibrant neighborhoods with plenty of living space. If you’re ready to relocate, I can offer a stress-free experience to find the luxury you deserve in a home of your dreams. Here’s how.

Come to Miami

The new dream home now includes more space at all price points without sacrificing any of the amenities you need. That’s what makes Miami the perfect place to be. Your home can include deep water frontage with a resort-style backyard. When out and about, you’ll find eclectic neighborhoods that are highly pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly. Miles of beaches, acres of serene greenery, vibrant downtown districts, family-friendly neighborhoods, and buildings catering to every comfort. It’s all here waiting for you.

Moving, Simplified

All of your moving needs matter. They deserve to be addressed by a seasoned local authority. You can easily acclimate to your new Miami-area environment and expect a stress-free relocation using my customized services. I will manage all of the details, including:

  • Selling your current home
  • Finding a moving company
  • Packing your valuables
  • Assisting with visas and immigration compliance
  • Finding a new home
  • Finding the right school or child care provider for your children
  • Shipping pets, domestic and internationally
  • Shipping automobiles
  • Arranging tours of your new neighborhood
  • Finding local service providers
  • Providing sources for local social networks

Manhattan to Miami: A New York Success Story

I recently worked with a client relocating from New York to Miami. Schools, open space, and being close to shopping were top priorities. I made a strategic plan for their visit. For schools, I provided choices and connected them with a friend whose daughter was an alumnus. I planned neighborhood tours that correlated to manageable distances to the schools of interest.

With a full day’s agenda, they did not want to stop for lunch. So, I packed us a homemade picnic with wraps, snacks, nuts, fruit, water, and of course, chocolate. Ultimately, they decided they wanted to be on the water in a gated community.

But my assistance didn’t stop there. I arranged and managed two home inspections. I negotiated with the sellers to ensure that the family wouldn’t need to address any of the issues when they arrived. I also arranged for three interior designer interviews. There were many moving parts, but managing them is all part of the service I provide.

Melissa sitting on the floor in her condo with her dog, Remy, in her lap.

Let’s work together today

As someone who has moved from New York to Miami, I can attest that it’s difficult moving to a new city when you have limited knowledge of the area. But relocating doesn’t have to be stressful. As a relocation specialist, I manage all aspects of your move. After all, relocation is more than just transporting goods, it’s transitioning your life.

I look forward to helping you find your place in the world.

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