Kick-off the New Year Right: 2022 New Year’s Resolution Ideas

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Focus on a Passion

A new year should bring new life to our passions.

Work out to feel good

Make it a goal to start taking daily walks, going for bike rides, or even running. Just something to get you up and moving a little more often. Obsess over how amazing the activity makes you feel.


Give one compliment a day

You never know—it just might make one person feel a whole lot better.


Not only is volunteering good for your own mental and physical health, but you will be doing something kind and selfless for others.

Drink more water

We could all use a little more water in our daily lives. 75% of us are chronically dehydrated. Drink up!

Try something new

What’s something you’ve been wanting to try? It’s time to finally do it! Be sure to write down your goals and keep them somewhere where you’ll remember to do them.

Real Estate Trends to Look Forward to in 2022

The lifestyle trends that emerged during the home-buying surge will remain and even strengthen in the coming year. That’s especially true of trends related to remote work, as many companies offer employees long-term opportunities for flexible work. That means home offices, outdoor space and buildings that better support residents’ work requirements will thrive.

Other trends likely to shape real estate in the coming year include rising interest rates, increased foreign travel, and growing concern for environmental sustainability.

Wishing you abundance and joyous moments this New Year.

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