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I’m excited to share with you a ground-breaking development for today’s collectors: A 21st-century man cave/she shed offering you a large, secure, off-site storage space. It also doubles as your private entertainment lounge.

Welcome to the new world of Collection-Suites Miami, the ideal place for your treasured collection to call home.


Collect & entertain in the same space

Imagine having a place to securely store your coveted cars, art, wine, or other collections in your very own cutting-edge and customized showroom lounge. This is the genius of a Collection-Suites unit: A private and secure suite large enough for your prized treasures, outfitted with all you need to entertain your friends and like-minded collectors

There are two floors in each of the curated spaces. The first has room for up to 10 cars and the second is a suite for your relaxation and entertainment needs.

The brainchild of Juan Manuel Fayen, whose family has been collecting for generations, this is the perfect alternative to renting a space built just for storage. You own it, you can customize it, and you can relax knowing your collection is in a modern and safe facility.

To see a furnished Collection Suite, take a look at this short video:


It would be my pleasure to share more information about this innovative project with you. Please contact me for more information and availability.

Happy Collecting,

Melissa Jane

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