4 Ways to Protect Your Art Collection

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I love the joy I get from looking at it, the value it has on society, and the thrill of discovering new artists. So, it goes without saying that I also love collecting art.

I love every piece I purchase and want to make sure my collection remains in perfect condition for all the years it’s on display in my home.

Here’s how to keep a prized collection in excellent condition:

Protect your collection from direct sunlight.

Exposure to constant sunlight can cause paint to fade, discolor, and crack. If the piece is framed and you live in a home with an abundance of glass walls or bought it for a room overflowing with sunlight, swap out the glass for acrylic plexiglass that blocks UV light and protects your art from fading.

Be mindful of where you hang your collection.

Art looks great in any room, but heat, moisture, and art do not mix well. Art exposed to drastic changes in temperature and humidity can warp, curl, and crack. To protect your favorite pieces, do not place them over a fireplace, in the kitchen, or a bathroom. In high humid regions, investing in a good humidifier will help keep your home around 55% humidity, which is the ideal level for art.

Avoid touching your collection with bare hands.

Our hands produce oils that are great for keeping our skin healthy but will wreak havoc on art. So, be sure to wear cotton gloves when handling your pieces.

Don’t clean your art.

Everyday cleaning products are too abrasive for fine art. Use them, and you could risk staining the painting, wearing away the materials, or permanently damaging the piece. A safer solution is to lightly dust the work with a soft and dry brush made of saber, badger, or similar hair. And don’t do it frequently; every four or five months is enough.

Making sure your art collection is appropriately maintained is a great way to ensure you’ll be enjoying your artwork for years to come. The MJR Groupe appreciates the guidance of Barbara Stella from Stella Art Conservation for our art conservation needs.

If you’re looking for a new location to display your collection or need more space for a growing collection, let’s connect.

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